Our Values

1. Word Based (Nothing More : Nothing Less)
We value the Bible as the infallible Word of God. Everything we do, say and are, is uncompromising & unapologetically based on the Bible.


2. Prayer (Divine Partnership)
We value prayer as it is a divine partnership with God, maintained by a surrendered life, and resulting in a supernatural strength. A lifestyle not a meeting!


3. Living Life! (Being Supernaturally Natural and Naturally Supernatural)
We believe that when Jesus said that we can do greater things than He did – He meant it!


4. Covenant Community (Working Out Our Faith Together)
We value community, committed to covenant relationships with each other as God’s plan. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone has a place and a plan.


5. Sharing Our Faith @ Every Opportunity (Infectious Disciples with Irresistible Relevance)
We value those not yet part of God’s family by serving and sharing our faith with them at every opportunity; supernatural evangelism.


6. Glorifying Our King (A Lifestyle of Worship)
We value a lifestyle of worship. Taking our lives,  … our ordinary, everyday lives… sleeping, eating, going to work and being with people and placing it before God as an offering.


7. Celebrating God’s Abundant Grace (A Life of Grace and not of Works)
Nothing we have done, nor anything we try and do, can change what Jesus did on the cross for us. Let’s not dilute His sacrifice with works – no matter how sincere this may be.