We are here for both the non-church goer and devoted followers of Christ.

We are a group of friends who love Jesus and want to live our lives with reckless ‘abundantment’ and outrageous generosity.

We are a group of friends – ambassadors for the Kingdom of God, joined together with a common sense of vision, friendship and love. We love to hang out: laughing, loving and being together.

We believe that longevity in relationships pays rich dividends.

We love the Word of God and we live it out as best we can.

We love church knowing it is people and not meetings, not buildings nor steeples. We are not intellectual snobs, nor illiterate simpletons.

We aren’t afraid to think for ourselves. We recognise faith as the leap in getting to know God, but He has given us intelligence for us to grapple with issues of life

We are bold, risky, fun, conservative, wild but not weird, serious and holy. We are human. We live our lives in balance.

We focus on love, church life and church growth. We love big gatherings; we love small groups. We love Africa, America, New Zealand, Asia, India and Europe – with no current plans for the Arctic Circle.

We have few theologians, but lots of practitioners.

We aren’t fundamentalists, but are devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  We aren’t agitators or activists but we aim to change people’s lives – forever.

We pray loud and long, aggressively and believingly.

We don’t want to run roughshod over people, we encourage everyone to think maturely for themselves, and we teach them to do so.

We love life, literature, learning, laughter, art, family, young people, a good meal with great friends, Sunninghill (or any town we are in) computers, technology.

We believe in faith, hope and love, a bright, colourful, positive and encouraging church atmosphere – a church that the non-church goer is attracted to. Filled with music, supernatural happenings, vision, purpose, loving people, and great preaching and tons of grace!

We are totally devoted followers of Jesus. We believe in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


We are Real Life Church……a place where Grace abounds and Miracles Happen