The Scientific Bit

There are so many great churches doing good things and we have good partnerships with many of them. We believe that each church has its own unique DNA that makes it a wonderful and special family, with its own values, ethos and principles.  We believe that not everyone can and will necessarily fit in and complement every church. If your personal DNA is not in line, try as you may, you simply won’t ever feel part of the family. As church leaders, we may feel obliged to dispense anti-rejection medicine to help someone feel at home in the church body, but in reality, the different DNA makes for a mismatch no matter what. After some time, church leaders will probably burn out from trying to get a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Individuals will also get tired of struggling to fit in and they could even end up being frustrated with church and God as they get swamped by a lack of integration and fulfilment.


Real Life’s DNA is made up of four key strands and we trust that anyone who chooses to make Real Life their home will identify with these. We want to recognise and value our distinct DNA as we grow and mature together in what God has called us to. It’s a journey, let’s enjoy it together!