Moving My Mountain

Moving My Mountain

Moving My Mountain

by       St2 Steven


Date: 10 October 2020

As Christian infants we always follow Jesus, but as we mature Jesus wants us to go ahead in our assignments.
We get commissioned, we get sent.
We are no longer just keeping up – we are leading, we are influencing, we are living life – and to the full.

Jesus wants to follow the obedient, the maturing.
Jesus wants to follow the Real, the Radical and the Relevant.

Is Jesus following you?



Moving My Mountain

Moving My Mountain Part 2

By   St2 Steven

Scripture          Luke 19


We need to move beyond passion. Passion is when you feel God. I am passionate about my nation. I am passionate about justice.

We must move to vision. When you actually see yourself on assignment with God.

At the end of the day passion will not transform the world. We cannot stand before Jesus one day and say, “at least I was passionate”.

We need to change how we think and how we behave.
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