There are so many great churches doing good things and we have good partnerships with many of them. We believe that each church has its own unique DNA that makes it a wonderful and special family, with its own values, ethos and principles.  We believe that not everyone can and will necessarily fit in and complement every church. If your personal DNA is not in line, try as you may, you simply won’t ever feel part of the family. As church leaders, we may feel obliged to dispense anti-rejection medicine to help someone feel at home in the church body, but in reality, the different DNA makes for a mismatch no matter what. After some time, church leaders will probably burn out from trying to get a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Individuals will also get tired of struggling to fit in and they could even end up being frustrated with church and God as they get swamped by a lack of integration and fulfilment.


Real Life’s DNA is made up of four key strands and we trust that anyone who chooses to make Real Life their home will identify with these. We want to recognise and value our distinct DNA as we grow and mature together in what God has called us to. It’s a journey, let’s enjoy it together!

The four strands of our DNA are:

An Encounter With God

We are not a seeker-sensitive house. We believe that when people come to church, they should encounter God and not just be there to enjoy a good cup of coffee or a motivational message. We believe that God-moments are not limited to Sundays, to a meeting or to a “guru”.  We truly believe that God wants to empower us every moment of every day. We believe that from the youngest to the oldest, we should be living in God-given power and authority 24/7. God encounters are standard for those in Christ whether we are having a meal together, at the till in our local shop or sharing a prophetic picture with someone in the mall.

A Culture of Honour

Accurately acknowledging who people are will position us to give them what they deserve and enable us to receive the gift of who they are in our lives. Honour creates life-giving and life-promoting relationships. The key here is “accurately acknowledging who people are”. The clear fruit of establishing a culture of honour is that the resurrection life of God begins to flow into people’s lives, homes and communities. It brings healing, restoration, blessings, hope, joy and wholeness.  People should feel good around us. Do they?


Church is not a democracy, neither is it a school. It is a family representing the Kingdom of God. Jesus said that in order to grow and mature we need to be knitted into family. He gave us a model of leadership for His family. In His wisdom this is the best way to sharpen each other, to love, to serve, to encourage and honour one another, in the good times as well as the difficult ones. We believe that Christians who are not connected to a local church are misrepresenting the Kingdom of God. Church is a family, not a building or a political ideology. In our family, there is room for disagreement and individuality. Nobody needs to become isolated or independent and operate on the fringes of God’s master plan. Together, we are His Church!

Painting Our Community R.E.D.

(Reaching, Equipping and Deploying): Our leadership is responsible for empowering and equipping the saints with the revelation and impartation they need to exercise their freedom in a safe place. We give people the freedom to do ALL that God has called us to, with ALL that God has given us. In authority, power, gifts, talents and in the Holy Spirit.