Market Research and Conference Venues

We also have our regular and ongoing ministries during the week and the term.
These include:

Project Hope

Real Life church partner with another NPO who have made significant inroads in their fight against human trafficking, over the past decade. From counselling and fund-raising to working at airports and going in to literally set people free. We do what we can to support this initiative. Human tariffing is the second most “lucrative” industry after drugs. We have about a dozen venues within 30min of Real Life where this takes place. It is on our doorstep. Led by Mark. Email: Call: 083 306 6035


What is a Sozo? The term Sozo is a Greek word from the New Testament that means to save, make whole, heal, to be whole, rescued from danger and deliver. (Basically, to save in every imaginable way!). Sozo ministry is a ministry aimed at determining the lies that have shaped our lives. It is through renouncing and replacing them with truth that we can walk into the destiny to which we have been called. A Sozo session will last 1-3 hours and is conducted by two team members. The Sozo team will sit down with you, and with the help of the Holy Spirit walk you through the process to freedom and wholeness. Lead by Ann. Email or call 0836613096

For times on these and other opportunities; to connect, grow and get involved please look at out calendar.